Society "The Association of Latvian Lingerie Manufacturers" (LATVERA) was founded in 02nd of June 2009, in Liepaja. As the place of foundation and locality the city of Liepaja was chosen as this town can be called a centre of Latvian lingerie manufacturing. There are more than 50 manufacturer companies, employing up to 3000 people situated here. Several enterprises from other cities of Latvia have already joined and some only plan to join the association.
    At the time of establishment, a desire to join the community was expressed by approximately 10 companies. At the end of 2009, the number of LATVERA members had grown to 20 companies. Most of the production is being exported to the CIS countries and the EU.
It is planned that in 2010 some more 5-10 companies could join the association. We are constantly working with companies that haven’t yet entered the society in order to inform them about the main aspects of LATVERA deed. A month before the official registration in the Register of Enterprises, a deep study of the current situation of the Latvian textile market was performed, the most topic problems of our manufacturers were defined and analyzed, and an objective programme which has the primary aim to support this industry that is so important for the country had been developed.
    The main strategic goals of society LATVERA is promoting the image of the Latvian lingerie in markets of the world, and representing the interests of members in all matters related to their business. All other steps are the tools for achieving the goals.
    The main sphere of activity of LATVERA has been described more precisely in section “SPHERE OF ACTIVITY”, but in section “BONUSES FOR MEMBERS” the advantages offered by being in the association are stated.
    The board of society consists of seven companies, which are also lingerie manufacturers and members of LATVERA. These seven firms represent 3 segments: large, medium and small enterprises. The board was formed this way with a purpose to have the rights of all companies represented and each company, in spite of its size, could feel and receive a real support and assistance from the association.





Best regards,
Yuri Hadarovich

Chairman of the Board LATVERA